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Devon pouch review and spotlight

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So, I don’t just make quilts. (Woah!)

I’ve actually just made my 9th Devon pouch so I thought I’d share my past makes and do a little review of the pattern for you guys at the same time.

You all need another sewing project, right?

The Devon pattern is by Svetlana Sotak of Sotak Handmade, Svetlana has designed MANY amazing patterns but we are just here for the Devon pouch today. 

First up, this is one of my favourite pouch patterns to make. They are such useful little zip pouches and I’ve made many as gifts they are super cute with some extra goodies stuffed inside!

I find the simple step by step process of making them is really enjoyable and watching it come together is really satisfying.

There are actually 2 sizes of the Devon pouch included in the pattern but my favourite is the larger size which also has that flat bottom!

It is a measure and cut pattern so there is no need for templates. You can grab the pattern as a PDF and either print it out or just follow the instructions via your phone or tablet.

The step by step instructions are very clear and are accompanied by photographs.

I find when ‘3D’ sewing it can be really helpful to have an actual photograph of what it should be looking like at each stage to reassure yourself that you are on the right track.

I love the different styles you can achieve with this pouch. You can highlight a feature print by just using it on the front pocket, or keep it simple and have the same print for all the outside.  

(The pattern doesn’t give specific instructions for making the pouch with a contrast front pocket, but it is really simple to work out how to do that using Svetlana’s pattern.)

I’ve sewn up a couple with contrast/bold top stitching and to be honest, I think I prefer to sew them up with understated top stitching. I like the finished look, it looks stylish and it’s the same thread I use for the construction so it saves all the swapping out of spools and bobbins.


I recommend getting good quality zips. The last thing you want is to take all the time and effort putting your pouch together, only for it to be let down by some dodgy zips jamming all the time. 


I hope you have enjoyed hearing my thoughts about this little pattern. I recommend it to everyone, so if you haven’t made one yet, do give it a try.

(And let me know if you make one, I’d love to know if you enjoyed making it as much as I do.)

You can grab a copy of the pattern here:



Lou x


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