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Foundation paper by Patterntrace: A review

Foundation paper from Patterntrace is a specialist paper made for printing FPP templates on.

You just pop it into your printer and print your FPP templates like normal. There's no special side up or anything like that and it works with both laser and inkjet printers.


Pattern trace paper


It's a lightweight, semi-transparent A4 paper that makes it easy to sew and see through.

FPP paper by Pattern tracePatterntrace paper

This is a comparison photo with white printer paper (70gsm) on the right and the Patterntrace paper on the left:

Paper comparison

You can see that the fabric is much more visible through the Patterntrace paper than it is the plain printer paper.

This is useful for positioning fabrics during the FPP process.


I found that the template printed well on to the FPP paper and it was also easy to sew through.

Once you have completed your block the paper tears away very easily and the stitches all stayed firmly in place.

FPP paper



In a pack you get 100 sheets, which should last you for a while and at the time of writing, that costs £9.75 (97p per sheet plus postage) Approx. $12.30

I'd love to hear in the comments if you have used Patterntrace FPP paper and your thoughts on it.

You can grab a pack for yourself at the Etsy store, HERE!


If you are new to FPP (or just love the bundle of patterns included) you can join me on my FPP masterlcass course.

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Links in my blog posts may contain affiliate links. If you follow the link and go on to purchase something, I earn a little commission at no extra cost to yourself!

When Patterntrace first released this product they contacted me to ask me if I would like a pack (yes, please!). They did not ask for anything in return, but it's a fun product and its always good to get some more detail on how these unique products work, hence the (honest) review.

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