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Introducing the Stitch and Make Club

So, there's something I have been wanting to do for years and now is the time. I am going to do it and I want you guys to join me!
Many years ago I had a subscription box business with my friend Anna. We had an amazing time curating beautiful fabrics, fun patterns and bonus extras. We sent out 100s of boxes every other month and found immense joy from hearing how much people loved getting their boxes.  
We unfortunately had to close it down but for years I have been wanting to create something similar but digital. 
So, allow me introduce you to…
Stitch and Make Club
The Stitch and Make Club is going to be a quarterly digital 'box' filled with exciting new sewing projects and inspiration. 
It's digital so you can join from anywhere in the world!
I'm busy getting it ready for you and I am planning for the first box to be released on 15th January 2024 with sign ups launched in December.
I have set up a special little wait list newsletter where I will be sharing updates, sneak peeks for the upcoming projects, etc. 
So click the link below to stay up to date on the Stitch and Make Club.
Sign up to the Stitch and Make newsletter
I aim to create an inspiring package of patterns and goodies that are yours to keep. To design patterns that will become your go-tos whether for yourself or as handmade gifts.
A few questions answered…
  • Can I get just 1 ‘box’ or do I have to sign up for a full year?
Yes, you can get just 1 box. Each quarterly edition of the Stitch and Make Club will be available to purchase individually. You will also be able to purchase all 4 editions together at a discounted rate.
  • How much will each 'box' cost? Is this a subscription?
Each ‘box’ will be available individually for £20 and all 4 together for £68
Each is a one off payment. There is no re-occurring subscription and you keep what you pay for. 
  • Can I buy this if I am based in the USA?
Yes, the Stitch and Make Club will be available wherever you are in the world! The price will depend on conversion rates, but at the time of writing the equivalent prices are:
Individual: £20 / USA $25 / CAD $34 / AUS $38 / EURO 30
All 4: £68 / USA $85 / CAD $116 / AUS $130 / EURO 78
🧵 I hope you want to join me on this journey. 🧵

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