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Gifts to sew, make and give

I love sewing and also love an excuse to sew up another project.

Sewing up gifts means you also get to give a truly unique gift, tailored for the recipient and you get the joy of creating for someone else. Win win!

So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of projects that are fun to make and perfect for gifting.

To be taken to the pattern for that item, click on the title or image.

Some links are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission (at no cost to yourselves) should you follow the link and make a purchase!


1. Devon Pouch

I love the Devon pouch and have made quite a few now, many as gifts. They are so satisfying to make and always look so professional. (I have a blog post dedicated to the Devon pouch here.)


Devon pouch pattern link


2. Wee Braw Bag

The wee braw bag now comes in 3 sizes, so you are bound to find one that is perfect for your gifting needs.

 Wee billow bags small and medium

3. Necessary Clutch wallet

This one is for someone you really like! It takes a bit longer to put together than the previous suggestions and requires more supplies and hardware. But, again it's a great pattern and I am sure will be much loved gift.

This is also a unique way to package up a gift card!

 Necessary clutch wallet

4. Quick Zipper pouch

Need a quick gift or maybe you are batch making some gifts and need to keep it simple. This free zipper pouch pattern is quick to put together and makes such a useful gift.

simple zipper pouch



5. Zip, Divide it! Basket

This divided basket comes in 3 sizes and makes for a very luxury gift basket. 

Zip, Divide it! Basket pattern

6. Little things basket

The Little things basket is probably the quickest and easiest make on here. The pattern comes in 3 sizes and so can be turned into a mini gift basket/hamper. The smallest size also makes a cute plant pot cover. 

Little things basket


7. A quilt!

This is a gift for very special people only! They take a lot more time, energy and cost than most gifts but they are a gift to last a lifetime and are so a unique and personal. They also make perfect wedding, or baby shower gifts. You can find a quilt pattern to suit any skill level, size and style. Below are a few of my most popular patterns.

 Lou Orth Designs Modern quilt pattern samples


8. Essex wallet

Ok, I still haven't made this one yet (I bought the pattern a while back and it's on my to do list.) They look stunning and are perfect for gifting to everyone from dad to hard to buy for teenagers (maybe stick a gift card in it too?)

Essex wallet image

9. Luxury Gift bags

Want to cut down to throw away packaging this year? These luxury gift bags are perfect for making and filling with little goodies. Grab the free pattern and get making!



10. Drawstring 'Stash and go' bag

Stash and go bag pattern

Perfect for the make up user in your life, this stash and go bag is simple to make and is sure to be such a fun and useful gift.



All these gifts are perfect for filling with little chocolates, bath bits, jewelry you name it!

If you have a suggestion for another perfect make for gifting, let us know in the comments.


Next week, I will be back with the other side of the gifting coin. A wish list of gifts to buy for quilters and sewers.




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