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Tips for raw edge machine applique

Raw edge machine applique is a fun and quick patchwork technique that allows you to stitch up a number of different and complex shapes that might not be easily achieved with traditional patchwork. 

I love sewing with raw edge applique. You can use lots of fun designs and it's super quick and easy!


So, to help you along your patchwork path, here's my top 5 tips for raw edge machine applique...


1. Use a sharp pencil to draw the outline of your design on to the Bondaweb. Take your time to draw as accurately as possible. Also, do not use a heat erasable pen (such as a Frixion marker) as the lines will disappear when you attach the Bondaweb to the back of the fabric. (Yes, I have done this!)


2. Draw the design on to the paper side on the Bondaweb and don't forget to stick it rough side down on to the back of your chosen fabric (which will have already been pressed so it's lovely and smooth.)



3. When looking at the design templates they will be mirror image. This is correct and you don't need to change anything. The design will be transferred on to the back of the fabric, meaning that the end design will finish the correct way around. 


4.  Reduce your stitch length. A shorter stitch length will help you to sew around curves and bends. I like to use a setting of around 2.




5. Arrange your fabric pieces in their final position on the ironing board/pressing mat and take the backing off first. That way, when you have the arrangement just right, you wont have to move it. 



I hope you find these little tips helpful, especially if you are new to raw edge applique. its a fun technique so jump in and get sewing!!



If you are looking for your next raw edge design to attach to anything and everything here are a few of my designs...



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  • I’m so excited to be able to download the new Zip bag pattern after seeing the bags at the Farnham Maltings last month. Really cute and scrummy.

    Isabel Pedrick

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