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What is a Quilt BOM?

There are many acronyms in the world of quilting, but I think to the outside world, a 'Quilt BOM' might be one of the weirder ones.


BOM is short for Block Of the Month


Ok, but what is a Block Of the Month?

A BOM is a course/club where you make a specific quilt pattern over a specific time frame (for example, 6 or 12 months). Normally the rate is one new block a month until the quilt is complete.

More complex quilt designs might make take longer to complete or release multiple blocks a month.

It's a great way of pacing out a more complicated, multi block quilt pattern.

There is often enhanced support/tuition provided by the quilt designer/teacher and is a fun way to learn new quilting techniques and develop your current quilty skills.

As a bonus you get to meet and sew along with new quilty friends. What's not to love?!

Interested in finding out more? Here are a few BOM courses that you may be interested in...

1. Superstar BOM (by me!)

Superstar BOM



2. The Beaufort Quilt by Fabric and Flowers

Beaufort QUilt link


3. The Glitter Ball BOM by The Crafty Nomad

Glitter Ball BOM


4. Pas au Deux by Stitched in color

Pas au deux BOM link
I'd love to know if you have joined any BOM's in the past, what's your favourite part of joining one?
What is a quilt BOM?

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