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Wild Forgotten lookbook - the Sprout quilt

Sprout quilt pattern

So, a little while back I noticed I had received a message on Instagram from the unbelievably talented fabric designer, Bonnie Christine.

She was sending me a message to ask if I would like to make a quilt to appear in the Look Book for her upcoming collection, Wild Forgotten.

Hm, Yes, I did!!

Buy the Sprout quilt pattern

The inspiration behind the collection is such a touching and important one.

"Several words from the natural world like “doe” & “dandelion” were removed from the dictionary to make room for our children’s new vocabulary. Through earthy colors and whimsical prints, this collection will reignite the use of these words in our home and help our children remember the wild once forgotten."

Because of the link with childhood, I thought a 'baby' sized quilt would be a fitting way to show off this collection.

Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten

I had a little digital play around with the collection and came up with a couple of mock ups which I then sent to Bonnie and her team and Sprout was the chosen one!

The quilt design fits so well with the collection's theme so I'm glad it got picked!

I received the fabric not long after and got to work straight away.

Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten

It's fun working with fabric that is not released yet, but it also makes me a little nervous. I'd hate to ruin any fabric that I could not easily replace!

The Sprout quilt pattern uses 9 different fabrics for the leaves and another print for the stalk along with background fabric. The large chunks of fabric in the leaf sections is perfect for showing off those beautiful designs.

Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten

Here it is, the fun little sprout quilt in the look book...

Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten look book image

In case you were wondering, these were the other designs I short listed during the digital mock up phase.

City Lights
City Lights Wild Forgotten
It's full of so many beautiful projects. The fabric collection is now out and I am so looking forward to seeing all the amazing projects that are going to be made with this fabric!
Lou x
Buy the Sprout quilt pattern here .......
Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten
Sprout quilt pattern in Wild Forgotten

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